Pearl & the House of Kennel

Pearl watches the sun rise.

Both my Great Grandmother and my Grandmother were dog people.  I, too, am a dog person, if not by default, by reasoning of the very nature of dogs.  Their unconditional ways soothe my troubled soul.

October 22 is my dog’s birthday.  Of course she could care less, but I do!  Her name is Pearl. She is also known as the Fablabulous Pearl Girl in broader canine circles.  I thought I would share how Pearl found me.


This is my neighbor, Tom. He is 80 and has no clue what the internet is or anything about digital photos, so I covertly took this photo of him with my cell phone. He is a dog man………calls his house, “The Kennel.” He has two ex-wives who he claims put him in “The Kennel.” His favorite saying is, “if you don’t move, they’ll paint ya,” and boy, does he move. If you need advice, Tom has it, and he is blunt.  He is somewhat of a curmudgeon who constantly spits tobacco and is always pontificating about why the planet has gone to hell.  His voice is booming and his comments are almost always offensive. The thing is, he’d give me the shirt off his back if I needed it, so I see past the gruffnosity of his ways.

Tom is a trial bird dog trainer. He wheels and deals in dogs like a seasoned Donald Trump slinging land. One day he called me and said, “I have me a black woman.” I giggled a little and waited for what was next. You never know with Tom. Long story short, the “black woman” was none other than THE black Fab Lab, Pearl. Another bird dog breeder owed Tom a bird dog but the breeder had gone out of the bird dog business and had started breeding Labrador Retrievers. The breeder gave Tom a female Lab instead. Reluctantly, Tom took the black Lab thinking he could train her to respond like a bird dog. She never did.  Soon after, he offered her to me! I am furever in debt to him.  The funny thing is…………Pearl adores Tom.  Whenever she hears his truck, she runs toward it like a green fly drawn to a pile of glorious poo.

Squirrel, it's what's for dinner! ugggh.

Pearl’s favorite things include food, couch sitting, squirrels, and car rides. On her birthday, I’ll give her three of the four (no dead squirrel birthday cake up in here).  The bonus?  I made her a special photo.

Scooby and Pearl


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