Kris Brummett

When my Grandmother died, I inherited a pie safe that had belonged to my Great Grandmother, Mattie.  In that pie safe was a ledger that Mattie had used to record recipes, cures for ailments, and information about daily life. The date on the front cover is 1890.  When I first started this blog, it was devoted to the ledger she left behind in the pie safe.  My earlier blogs document my encounters with the ledger.  More recently, I have taken to documenting every-day life.  My Great Grandmother’s ledger means a lot to me.  I wish there was more of it. My goal is to leave something behind for my grandchildren and great+ grandchildren to read to get a sense of who I am/was just like my Great Grandmother left behind for me to find.

Mattie’s Ledger – 1890

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