A War Hero’s Ring

Day 274
Listening to: It Is Well With My Soul
Thought for the Day: MISSING! Somewhere in Germany there is a ring, a very special ring.


My friends and I have begun the process of editing the interview we recorded this past week with Red Dean, the 93-year old who lives in our village. There is one story that keeps jumping out at me. Red’s division was captured during WWII by the German Army. Upon the initial capture, the Germans marched Red’s division for 19 days straight. They marched the first four days without any food. Many men died. The march ended at Stalag 4B, a prison camp on the Elbe River. At some point during the march, Red decided to discard his high school class ring for the sole reason he didn’t want the Germans to take it from him. He never saw the ring again. Several years ago, his daughter had a replica of the ring made (today’s photo). Red is extremely proud of this ring and swears it is identical to the original that he lost in Germany.

Here’s the thing. In my heart, I know the original ring is still out there somewhere. It is entirely possible the ring is in a pawn shop somewhere or on Ebay. It is also entirely possible that it is buried somewhere deep in the German landscape awaiting someone to discover it years from now. I really wish there was a way to start a search for it. I’m documenting it here in case someone starts searching for the owner………… even if it is hundreds of years from now.

Note: Red’s hand is behind my hand in this photo. :-) I just noticed he still wears his wedding ring. His wife has been deceased for a long time.