I’ve Lost My Head Over You!


There are three TV shows I remember my family bonding over when I was very young: Laugh-In, Mod Squad, and Flip Wilson. It should be no surprise that at this point in my life (~five years-old) I wanted to either be Peggy Lipton, Geraldine (actually Flip in drag), Lily Tomlin rocking in a giant chair, or Jo Anne Worley.  This is the type of memory that is never truly lost but rather retreats to the furthest reaches of the mind for the brain’s equivalent of a smoke break. That break ended today. The memory stood up and walked into the light when I received a piece of my childhood in the mail.  Behold the Jo Anne Worley Talk-Up doll!  Her head detaches from her body and she says things like, BOIIIIIING, I’M FALLING APART, HERE COMES MY FEET, and I’VE LOST MY HEAD OVER YOU!  Jo Anne made Pearl bark and me giggle as much today as I did when I was five.  So here is the thing.  If someone could give me a box containing memories and tangible items from my childhood this doll and the family-time TV bondarama would definitely be in it. I have spent a fair amount of time thinking what else would be in the box.  It’s a fun exercise.  I’m curious.  What would your childhood box contain?